Wedding Cake

One of the first things about our wedding that we decided on was that we were going to have Buffy and Angel cake topper (from Buffy’s prom episode). There was never any chance that we would have a *traditional* bride and groom topper. Very much not us!

The one thing that wasn’t perfect was the colour of Buffy’s dress. It was kind of a soft baby pink that just didn’t go with anything else in our wedding. So……

I painted it red! yeah!!
(yeah… I still have to paint her shoes… I didn’t want to paint them until I was sure I wouldn’t be wearing my dream shoes…. WHICH I AM!!)

James had the idea to make a graveyard cake for the lovely couple to stand it. The idea was that we would put “Kathleen + James. Love is eternal” on the tombstone (or something similar). Well…. I have not been in love with this idea. Especially since James wanted to make it himself. I’m all for kitch but I just didn’t want it in this instance. It was the one thing James seemed really excited about for our wedding so I figured, what the hey.

Then along comes James’ mum (wondeful woman that she is) who offered to pay to get our cake made. This made James reconsider the “diy” approach that he was going for. He said since we’re getting it made professionally we might as well get a “real” one. Yeah!! So I win and I didn’t even have to fight for it. Below is my Cake Inspiration Board (because I make an Inspiration Board for absolutely everything)

I love Madhatter Cakes!!!!

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