Wicca 101

I started a Wicca class last Sunday. I have been practicing Wicca since I was 15 (I’m now 28) so it is definitely the correct path for me. I tried doing spells and stuff with a couple girls in high school but it never amounted to much. I figured I would just continue on my solitary path.
Fast forward to this last year when James and I decided to be Handfasted. We contacted the lovely ladies from the Temple of the Green Cauldron, the local Wicca group in the area. I absolutely loved the mother and daughter duo who performed our ceremony. I signed up for their online newsletter and they announced that they would be offering an Introduction to Wicca course.

The course is based on Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft which I have actually never read but have always wanted to (for some reason it isn’t usually in stores). I got my supplies list, took a trip to the crystal store and health food store, bought some candles at the dollar store and off I went.
The first class was mostly introduction — an introduction to our teachers, each other, and Wicca in general. I left the class feeling really excited about the remainder of the course.
I am still waiting for the ladies to drop off my book (more people signed up for the class than they expected so not enough books) so I have been tiding myself over by organizing my Book of Shadows. I have been working on my Book of Shadows for a few years and haven’t found a format that I liked. I think I’ve finally figured it out — I got a binder and some of those clear sleeves to add papers and pictures to. I typed up and printed out pretty versions of various spells, chants, and rituals and added a bunch of faerie pictures I’d been collecting throughout the years. I think it’s coming together fabulously.

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