Holy Shit! (CD 34, 13DPO)

After I wrote last night I read a friend’s blog who was waiting for results from her IUI. I was feeling inspired so I took a test.

There’s a line!

I couldn’t sleep for hours after that. It’s a faint line but it’s there. I can’t believe it. James is trying not to get too exited. I just woke up and took another test.

There’s another line!!

This one is still pretty faint but there is no doubt that it’s there. This seriously could be it. I could be pregnant! Going to try to sleep some more and go to a clinic for a blood test later. xo

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I am a 30-something, newly single mother to a kick ass little girl. I love knitting, canning, singing karaoke and growing things. This is a blog about my adventures. View all posts by katastrofik

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