11 Weeks

Things are going pretty well. I have been feeling better for about a week. I went to Vancouver for my friend’s Halloween Baby shower which was an absolute blast. We ate junk, did crafts, and all the non-pregnant folks drank booze. She got lots of prezzies and it was a success.

In other not so happy news, while I was in Vancouver I attended a memorial for my friend’s 8 week old niece. Taryn was diagnosed with a heart problem while in-utero and underwent multiple surgeries on her heart in her short lifetime. She was well on the road to recovery until a day before she would have been 8 weeks. Things took a horrible turn and she didn’t make it. They’re still not entirely sure what happened and will have to perform an autopsy which could take a couple months to get the results. The memorial was really beautiful. My friend and her sister (Taryn’s mama) put together a beautiful tribute full of photos and flowers and videos. I can’t imaging the pain they are going through. To have Taryn for such a short time and to think that she was going to recover. I just can’t fathom it. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch them.

The Fledgling is doing well. I of course got paranoid that something had happened when I no longer felt ill every moment of the day but I had reached the 10 week point and I think that’s pretty standard for the morning sickness to decrease. I’m still not feeling absolutely perfect. I don’t have to eat quite as often and I can eat a little more at a time but if I’m not careful I can feel quite gross. I hadn’t been able to take my pre-natal vitamin for a few weeks — every time I took it I felt nauseous. Luckily I had been taking it for about 9 months before I got pregnant though so some of the vitamins are stored in my body and the folic acid was in my system when I conceived and when the baby’s spinal column was forming. I took a vitamin the other day and promptly threw it up about 20 minutes later. That was the first time I had actually thrown up and I have to say I didn’t enjoy it.

My body is definitely changing. The casual observer wouldn’t notice but James is obsessed with the size of my boobs and I am obsessed with how much they hurt (it doesn’t help that I have excema on them right now which is making me miserable). My tummy has also started to bulge a tiny bit. Nothing visible to others except James and me but it is making it feel so much more real!

My lovely friend Dawn gave me a bunch of baby stuff the other day including clothes, a breast pump (yeah!!), some maternity bras, and a feeding pillow. I have also had offers from other friends to lend me their baby’s clothes. I don’t have a lot of money so every bit helps. I’m so lucky to have generous friends.

I finally finished the baby blanket for my friend and am able to knit for the Fledgling now! So far I have knit a tiny little hat (along with 2 other hats for friends) and am working on a little pair of legwarmers. I hear that baby legwarmers are perfect for wearing with a onesie and for diaper changes. S/he will be a Spring baby so I’m knitting them in a bamboo-blend yarn which will keep her/him warm but also allow for breathing. I found the blanket pattern I’d like to knit for the Fledgling and am excited for pay day to go buy some yarn.

Purple Newborn Hat for the Fledge:

Beginning of The Fledge’s Leggwarmies:

Newborn Hat for Molly:

Molly’s Blanket:

Pumpkin Hat for Gavriel:

Pattern Pic (not my own work) for The Fledgling’s Blanket:
(I’ll be knitting it in black and red)

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