The Baby at the End of the Rainbow

I am starting to get really excited about the baby I get to have at the end of this journey. For so long the focus was just on getting pregnant. It took so long I started to think that would never actually happen. When it finally did, I was so scared that something would happen to the baby. I was terrified until I saw the ultrasound & heard the heartbeat. I also felt horribly sick most of the time for the first 12 weeks or so and could not get any enjoyment out of being pregnant. Now I am in my 16th week and have kicked the first trimester’s ass and I am feeling great! I am starting to show and have been enjoying the comfort of maternity pants! I am finally “feeling pregnant” as opposed to just feeling sick and panicky and worried. I am feeling like a mum-to-be and am preparing for my role.

My co-pregnant lady Heather had her baby last week. She was due October 31 but her water didn’t break until the afternoon of November 10th. I headed over on the ferry as soon as I could and got to the hospital at midnight. Due to her testing positive for Group B Strep the doctors decided to induce her when labour didn’t start past her water breaking. After a long long long night and day (with only an hour or so of sleep) she was still only at 6 cm! Poor girl. I was there in the capacity of a doula (haven’t actually started my training but have been studying) and did what I could to make her more comfortable and have less pain. I tried to focus her on her breathing as well as rubbed her wherever she was sore and held her hand through the contractions. It was quite the experience and I am glad I was there for her. There are things I wish I could have done more of (learned better relaxation techniques, helped her focus more) but all in all I found it a positive experience from my end. I don’t really think she felt the same though! By the end of her labour (around 3 pm Nov 11) she was frustrated and tired and angry and scared. She went in for a C-Section at about 4 pm. I had to leave by 6 to catch the ferry back home so I only got to see her for about 3 minutes or so and I didn’t get to see Heather after that. Hopefully I can go back for a visit soon.

Heather’s labour really helped me decide on a lot of things I want for my labour. I have some experience with meditation and focusing my mind on my goals (mostly due to spell work) and I would like to develop that further. I also really want to get a copy of “Birthing from Within” and would like to take the birth class based on the book. I signed up for my pre-natal classes through the Public Health Department today which will start in February. They are pretty basic though so I really want to explore more options for coping with pain and getting the most out of the labour and birth.

16 Weeks, 3 Days

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3 responses to “The Baby at the End of the Rainbow

  • ashby

    Hi Kat! This is Ashby from over on MM. Just wanted to say you look fantastic, and I'm soooooo excited about your wee one.Also, Birthing from Within is amazing. I read it this past weekend, and it is the first "birth book" that really seemed to "click" with the way my mind works. Have James read it too – lots of birth partner stuff.

  • Stephie C

    Aww Kat that is amazing you were with your friend and that you are going to pursue becoming a doula! I know you will rock it! And you are looking too stinking cute with that little bumple on the front of ya 😉

  • Christie

    BELLY!!! Hi belly full of Fledge!!!!

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