A Blessingway is a ceremony held for a pregnant woman to honour and prepare her for her labour and new role as a mother.  The term is generally attributed to the Navajo but mother blessings can be found in various cultures and religions.  Since I am Wiccan my Blessingway took place in a sacred Circle and was performed by a Wiccan Priestess.

My Blessingway was held on Saturday March 6, 2010 at Kin Hut Park in Departure Bay in Nanaimo.  The Priestess was my wonderful friend Meredith (who James and I originally met when she performed our wedding!).  Since there were so many non-Pagan guests in attendance the Circle Casting was quite basic and the whole mood was quite relaxed.  James and I sat in the centre of the circle by the altar with our friends and family surrounding us.

Each person had been asked to bring a crystal for Lyric and explain the properties of the stone and what they hoped it would bring her.  Apparently Lyric’s stone is Tiger’s Eye since she received five of them!!  She also received numerous pieces of rose quartz which made me quite happy since it is the stone I feel the most affinity towards.  Having everyone tell us what they hoped for our daughter was like having the faeries in Sleeping Beauty granting gifts to her minus the unfortunate wicked faerie/spindle thing!  It was so wonderful to hear people talk about their hopes and wishes for my beautiful girl. Of course there were tears (mostly from my mum!) which made it all that more special.   I knit a bag for her that will hold her crystals and there is plenty of room in it to add to her collection as she gets older.

The guests were also asked to bring a bead to add to a bracelet that I will wear for the remainder of my pregnancy and through my labour.  Once I get the remaining beads from my friends I will put them all together in a more permanent fashion (right now they’re just on string).  Later on I can make a bracelet or necklace for Lyric.

Following the ceremony we ate yummy food that everyone had brought and talked some more about my beautiful little girl.  It was absolutely an amazing day and I can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

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