Birthing From Within

A couple of months ago I found a pamphlet for Birthing From Within course in my area.  I had heard great things about the book and planned to purchase it but wasn’t sure I would be able to afford to take a course ($180/couple).  The pamphlet mentioned she had a Facebook group so I went ahead and joined.  Apparently joining her group entered you in a draw to win a free course and I won!! Woo hoo!

Tuesday was our first class and it was fabulous.  The class is taught by the lovely Regan Grill at her home Aum to Earth Childbirth and Wellness studio.  I was surprised that there was only one other couple there as there are about 15 couples in my public health baby class.  Once we got into it though I can see why she keeps the classes small and intimate.  This way we can discuss things more in depth and not feel put on the spot in front of a class.

It’s hard to explain exactly what we did in the class since it seemed so surreal and amazing.  It was a total free-loving hippie evening!  We explored our fears of labour & birth, what we hoped for from our birth, and how we felt about becoming parents.  What I really liked was that she treated our husbands as though they were just as vital to the whole thing as the mother and baby are.  So often birth is associated with just the mother so I was really happy that James got to explore his feelings and fears.

We also did some breathing exercises and focus exercises and worked through 5 contractions while holding an ice cube to simulate the pain.  Our partners practiced comfort techniques at the same time.  James tried various things (massage, gentle stroking, story telling) to comfort me.  Some made me feel better, some worse, but I think it’s good to have an assortment of techniques because labour is so unpredictable and what works now might not work during labour and vice versa.

We have 5 more classes and I can’t wait!

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2 responses to “Birthing From Within

  • Crystal

    Kat- that sounds so fucking cool! I’m so happy that you get to experience it. I’m actually looking to borrow the book from the library, but there is only one copy and it’s currently checked out, so I sit and wait for it! Keep me updated on the other sessions. It sounds wonderful!

    • katastrofikkatacombs

      The book is cool but I got so much more out of that one class that I did the whole book. I think the book is great for women who aren’t that in touch with their emotions and strengths and haven’t put a lot of thought into their birth/delivery. I personally haven’t really learned a lot from it. It’s definitely worth a read but there are only a few really useful chapters towards the end.

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