Hicks & Hiccups (34w, 2d)

Braxton-Hicks contractions started a few days ago.  At first I thought Lyric was doing some major stretching because it felt like there was all of a sudden baby everywhere but then when I touched my tummy I felt that it was much firmer than usual.  Some of the contractions have been painful but I either breathe through them (using my Birthing From Within techniques!) or I change positions and they usually go away or decrease in pain.  Mostly they just let me know that my body is getting ready to birth my baby which is pretty exciting!

Another new thing this week is Lyric hiccups!  Even though I had been anticipating them coming, I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first!  They feel like tiny little rhythmic vibrations.  I feel bad for her because I HATE hiccups but all the books I read say that they don’t bother the baby (not sure how they could possibly figure this out but I’m just going to go with it!).

Something I have certainly not been enjoying in the last couple of weeks (especially the last few days) is the increased pain in my pubic bone.  From what I read it is from my pelvis stretching and getting wider to accommodate Lyric’s head which I am quite happy about but the pain is unbearable!  It hurts so much to switch sides at night when I wake up and to even walk some times.  I am so glad I am not working any more otherwise I’m sure I would be limping & waddling!  I have been putting the heating pad down there (which is a little weird!) but I’d like to get a rice/bean bag to use instead because the idea of an electric heating pad in my nether regions is a little unsettling.

We went to The Temple of the Green Cauldron’s Ostara/Spring Equinox celebration the other night.  It was fabulous as usual.  Every time I go to a Temple event I am once again so grateful to have such amazing people in my life.  I feel so much love and respect when I am around the Temple folks and I gain so much from them each time (not to mention they’re all in love with Lyric already!).

I’ve moved on from knitting baby booties to knitting baby bibs.  I figure even a little fashionista only needs so many pair of booties so I figured I’d knit something a bit more functional that I’ll get more use out of.  I’ve been using a great pattern based on a traditional washcloth pattern which is quick and easy and functional. I’ve also been making reusable baby wipes and burp cloths on my Serger!  My MIL gave me her Serger a few months ago and I am in love.  So far I’ve only made wipes and cloths but I’ve moved on to rounded corners which I’m pretty excited about!   Since my camera/batteries are still being jerks I’ll leave you with a few pix of the booties I made a few weeks ago (although I’ve made even more since!)

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