I keep wanting to come post about “OMG I only have 4 weeks left!” but I have been stuck in bed for the last 3 days with horrible tooth/jaw pain.  Pain has been going on for over 10 days and the doctor can’t figure it out since it switches top to bottom and right to left.  Advil and x-rays are out of the question and Penicillin and Tylenol are mocking me and my pain and doing nothing.  I can only eat soft things since my jaw is clicking and locking every time I try to chew.  Stupid body is failing me.

Lyric is doing well though and keeping me entertained.  She has taken to tickling me with her toes which is pretty funny.  I tickle her back and she kicks me.  Yup, that’s what I’m in for.

Anyhoo, 25 days until my due date and I can’t wait to meet her.  So much to do, so much tooth pain, and lots of excitement.  I’ll post more when I’m not grumpy and in pain. xo

About katastrofik

I am a 30-something, newly single mother to a kick ass little girl. I love knitting, canning, singing karaoke and growing things. This is a blog about my adventures. View all posts by katastrofik

One response to “Grrr

  • octobermachine

    I am soo, soo, soo sorry you are feeling so bad : (
    I am already looking forward to coming back from vacation and seeing the little sweety. I am hoping to get Lyrics package mailed out this week.

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