One Week!

Holy cow!  One week until my due date!  I can’t believe my little girl is going to be here soon.  I know she most likely won’t come on her due date so I’m not too attached to it but regardless, she’s going to be here really really soon.

We had our baby shower last Sunday and it was wonderful.  So many people came and we were absolutely spoiled.  I opened presents for three hours!  It was insane.  Our living room is slowly getting back to normal but it’s taking me a while to find a spot for everything.  We got so many clothes and her dresser is completely full!  She’s going to be the most stylish little baby in town.  We also received some beautiful hand-made items, including a quilt, knitted & crocheted blankets, and a little sweaters and hats, as well as our travel system! 

One of the best prezzies we got was a bag full of cloth diapers from my friend Heather’s sister.  I think there are about 30 of them!  I had wanted to cloth diaper but the initial start-up cost of buying diapers is huge and it wasn’t something we could afford.  The other thing keeping me from using cloth is the fact that our dryer rarely works so we went to London Drugs and got a drying rack for $15!  Woo hoo!  I’m so excited to go our and buy some cute little covers to put on her cute little bum!

We finished our Birthing From Within classes on Tuesday.  All in all, the classes were wonderful but I’m glad they are done.  The teacher was a bit flaky for our liking and I had to constantly keep myself from rolling my eyes at her.  Also, the drive to her house was about 20 minutes each way and the class was about 3 hours and it was totally exhausting.  I learned so much from the class though.  I feel more comfortable with things, I’ve come to terms with my fears of Pitocin, Epidurals, and Ceasareans, and James and I are closer than we ever have been.

In health news, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m tired and sore and having a hard time moving around but considering I’m 39 weeks pregnant, I think I’m doing ok.  One of the big concerns right now is that my iron is ridiculously low.  I’ve had it tested twice in the last 6 weeks and even though James and I were totally focused on an iron-rich diet my levels actually went down!  So now I’m taking pills which are doing a bit of a number on my tummy.  Hopefully my levels will be up by the time Lyric is born just in case I lose a lot of blood.  My baby catcher was actually surprised that I wasn’t faint all of the time.

Anyhoo, possibly my next post will be about a baby, possibly it will be about me getting ridiculously impatient.  We’ll see!

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I am a 30-something, newly single mother to a kick ass little girl. I love knitting, canning, singing karaoke and growing things. This is a blog about my adventures. View all posts by katastrofik

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