May Day

Well, my due date (May 1) has come and gone but still no Lyric.  Oh well, she’ll come when she’s ready so now I just wait for the greatest moment of my life….. yeah that’s not hard at all!

James and I had a lovely May Day though.  I got all dressed up in my Witchy finest and we headed down early to the Beltane celebration at Bowen Park.  We took some beautiful (and some not-so beautiful!) Earth Mama Goddess pix of me by the river and in the flowers.  I love the maternity photo shoot Sarah did but we also wanted something more “us” so it was great to take some nature pix.

The Beltane ritual was the first Temple of the Green Cauldron ritual of the year to be held outside, so besides the Samhain ritual, it generally has the biggest attendance.  I think there were probably about 30 people there!  Beltane is a fertility festival so there were plenty of naughty bits, including a little play of James chasing around one of the priestesses (possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen) and a big old phallus-shaped loaf of bread.  There was also a May Pole dance and Fire Jumping!

Two surprises of the evening were my good friend Jenn’s Dedication and Megan & Kam’s surprise Handfasting!  Both were wonderful and of course made this poor pregnant lady tear up (although I think there were lots of tears during the Handfasting).  The evening was finished with a big potluck and lots of merriment.  I think it was probably my favorite ritual of the year so far.

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