Induction Eve

My induction is scheduled for 7 am (or sometime around then) tomorrow morning.  And I am ready.  It’s not the course I thought I would be taking.  Perhaps it will lead to more interventions or perhaps it’s all I need to kick things into gear and have a natural birth.  Regardless of what gets me there, I am going to have my daughter in the end and that is all that matters.  It’s going to be a long, hard day full of emotion and pain and frustration and joy and I am ready to meet it head on.

My laundry is done, my house is clean (or at least as clean as the O’Callaghan house ever gets!), my bag is ready to go, the car seat is in the car, and I am having a beer.  I’m hoping to get to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour but since this is like all the Christmas Eves ever put together all in one night, I don’t think that’s going to be likely.

So here we go…

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I am a 30-something, newly single mother to a kick ass little girl. I love knitting, canning, singing karaoke and growing things. This is a blog about my adventures. View all posts by katastrofik

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