Three Weeks!

Lyric is now three weeks and one day!  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes it seems like she was just born but at other times I can’t remember life without her.  I haven’t blogged or been spending much time online because I have just been enjoying getting to know her.  She is such an amazing little person.  She’s already 10lbs and has really great neck/head control.  She also has the beginnings of a laugh and a smile and when I give her kisses she opens her mouth wide!  She’s already been to three parties and has done a fair amount of visiting.  This Saturday my brother and his family are coming out so she gets to meet her cousin!

Lyric is a really easy baby.  I am making enough milk and she is a breastfeeding pro!  There was only a little bit of pain the first couple of days but it wasn’t that bad.  She sleeps about 3-5 hours through at night.  Since she’s sleeping in our bed I just have to lean over and pop her on my boob and then I go back to sleep.  It’s wonderful!  Also, my mood has been fabulous.  I was totally expecting some sort of postpartum depression but so far so good.  I know it could still come but I really don’t think it will.

I’m healing ok but I still have a fair amount of pain in my incision area (mostly the muscle) and I need to remember that I had major surgery and shouldn’t be doing as much as I am.  My body is slowly making its way back to normal.  I’m not able to exercise until 6 weeks but I’ve started losing weight and fat and all of my swelling has gone down so I somewhat resemble a human being!  I’m not a huge fan of exercise anyways but I’d like to be able to take Lyric for long walks.  So far I can only walk a couple of blocks at a time before I start getting sore.

Blogs are always better with pictures so here’s a couple of my beautiful girl.

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I am a 30-something, newly single mother to a kick ass little girl. I love knitting, canning, singing karaoke and growing things. This is a blog about my adventures. View all posts by katastrofik

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