And some more…

A few more things I forgot (and some pix!)

– she rolled over at 5 weeks!  The first time she rolled onto her tummy she had her arm stuck under her and I thought it was a fluke.  Then a few hours later she rolled over and pulled her arm out from under her.  Then she did it again a bit later and started to cry because she got scared.  Poor girl!

– we just started her on cloth diapers.  I was give a bunch of fitted cloth diapers from a friend of mine but they won’t fit Lyric until she’s a few months older.  So my mum made me a bunch of prefolds with some diaper flannel we got on sale and I got a Thirsties Duo Wrap.  Hopefully the Thirsties cover is a success since they’re the cover I’ve heard the most positive reviews about.

– she got to meet her BFF Molly!  Heather and Molly came over for the weekend and it was fabulous.  Obviously Lyric is too young to have really noticed Molly but Molly was really cute with Lyric and held her hand.  We got some great pix of them too!

– Lyric has taken really well to “babywearing”.   She doesn’t like the sling that much but I think it’s because it’s too big for my body (it’s a hand-me-down from a friend who is bigger than me) and isn’t adjustable so she sits low on my body and I’m uncomfortable.  She loves the moby-type wrap I’ve been using though and it’s so easy to carry her — it distributes her weight so well I can barely feel her.  We’ve also had some success with the Snuggli but I think she’s still a bit tiny for it.

– my brother (Chris) and his wife (Rae-Ann) and daughter (Cassandra) came to visit.  It was fabulous!  Cassandra is only 4 1/2 but she was so great with Lyric.  Chris and I barely ever got to see our cousins since the closest ones lived in Calgary (where Chris and his family live as well) but Rae-Ann and I are determined that our kids will grow up knowing each other.  I’m hoping we can get together at least 2 times a year from now on.  Other great news, Chris and Rae-Ann are doing fabulously (they’ve had lots of ups and downs) and are going to start trying for another baby in the summer!

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