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I LOVE M.A.C.!!! I just found this awesome look and I think I need to take a trip to the Bay MAC counter tomorrow!!!


I got my dream shoes

I am officially the happiest girl in the world. Not only am I marrying my dream man….. BUT I FOUND A PAIR OF MY DREAM WEDDING SHOES!!

This would be reason 1000000000…… why I love Offbeat Bride. I put up a couple posts about how I wanted to find these shoes (Betsey Johnson Merri fyi) and how they are sold out EVERYWHERE. I had everyone looking for them. My fabulous H2B even started a Facebook group dedicated to helping me find them. I put up another post the other day on OBB and one of the girls found them on Ebay.
Now I just have to actually get around to going to the doctor to see if my foot is broken and if there’s anything I can do about it. xo

New Dress PIx

I went to try on my dress a couple days ago to get fitted for the bustle (which I’m really excited about) and I have to say that this is the prettiest I have ever felt. I feel like a princess or a model and I am so excited for James to see me in my dress. It is killing me that he won’t let me show him the pix but I’m mostly really excited for the “BIG REVEAL” when he sees me for the first time. I think it will be really magical. I can’t wait to see him on our wedding day all dressed up in his suit ready to get married to me.

That is my beautiful Maid of Honor, Heather, in the reflection. She has been so much help to me in my wedding planning.

This is more or less what the bustle will look like. But a bit more even 🙂

I need to trim the ribbon but I just love my shoes and the laces!

New Shoes

I hit my foot ridiculously hard the other day on my bed and I think I might have broken a small bone. It hurts LOTS and I haven’t been able to wear high heels at all. So…. seeing as how my wedding is in 2 1/2 months I need a back up plan for shoes. I went to Michael’s and got a bunch of red glitter and glue and went crazy on a pair of my Mary Jane’s. End result…. I LOVE THEM!!!

Makeup Inspiration

My dress is way to “stand out” to not do full-on make-up. I bought MAC stay on lipstick that actually lasted through my test (having a nap and kissing James) so I’m pretty excited about the makeup for the day.


This was my original Inspiration Board. I love each and every item on it. The dress, tiara, and ring are all the actual items we will be using.

I will be wearing this necklace instead of the “Heart of the Ocean” inspired heart. It is a pink sapphire which James bought for me for Christmas.

I have not yet been able to acquire my dream shoes (Betsey Johnson “Merri”) but I am still holding out hope. If I can’t have those then these are the next best thing. James hates calf-height boots so granny boots were out of the question. When I saw these I knew they were perfect — they had the right amount of “vintage-y witchy-ness” for me but the ankle height that James likes. The ribbon in the picture is just for show. I’m procrastinating purchasing the $12 a roll double-sided 1 inch thick red satin ribbon I will be using.

Wedding Hair

I haven’t decided yet whether my hair will be up & messy or down & wavy but these are some of my inspiration pix:

I am most excited about my tiara which matches my dress beautifully:

I will be wearing a veil as well, similar to this style but in a deep red organza:

This was my first attempt at “wedding hair”: