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To Knit

I need to wrap my head around everything I have lined up to knit so here goes:

  • Betchmas prezzie (mid Dec)
  • Taveon birthday ?? (early Dec)
  • MIL — slippers? <— neckwarmer
  • Mum — slippers? <— cowl
  • Alan — wrist warmers
  • Charlie — finish wrist warmers
  • Lyric — wrist warmers
  • Baby Case — Blanket (Feb)

Attempting an update

aaahhh!!!  Lyric is 6 months now and is fucking awesome.  I have been so bad about blogging lately.  I am going to try to get in on early on my New Years Resolution and blog every day with a tiny bit of info or at least every couple days.

I have lots to talk about so I’ll write down everything I think I need to blog about here and then maybe get around to it all in the next few weeks:

  • I have been cooking and canning and baking bread almost everyday
  • Lyric is eating solid foods now and still breastfeeding
  • I am back to knitting and have started on my Christmas/Yule gifts
  • James and I reached a turning point in our relationship where it was make it or break it and we decided to make it.  We are doing fucking fantastic and doing some fantastic fucking (sorry….)
  • Lyric development is insane — she got her third tooth today, she scootches across the floor, she’s almost up on her hands and knees
  • we did Santa pix and Holiday pix
  • my best friend’s wedding in Vancouver (and my week away) was awesome and insane
  • cloth diapering is still a go!  We’ve had some ups and downs but I think we’ve got it figured out for now
  • I’m thinking of (but not planning!) baby number 2
  • it snowed
  • ummmm……. ok… that’s good for now.  I’ll try and blog about one of those things tomorrow

Also, I still need to write out about Lyrics’ birth and Wiccaning which I will do one day but I have to stop stressing about it!

In serious need of an update

Crap!  I feel like I never get an actual change to update.  There is so much going on on a daily basis that I feel bad because I’m not documenting it but I also feel good because I am actually living it and enjoying it.

Notes to self:

– I need to post about Lyric’s Wiccaning

– I need to post about Lyric’s Birth!!!!!


Lyric had her first actual food today and she loved it.  We were at my friend’s baby shower and it was one of those “guess what baby food this is” things and I let her have some organic peas afterward.  She actually cried when I took the food away so we just kept going until she was full

Cloth diapering is going fabulously.  We’ve had a few issues with stink while trying to figure out which soap to use but I was able to remedy it by stripping the covers and bleaching the microfiber inserts (not necessarily recommended but definitely worth it.  I also have stopped using disposable wipes most of the time but I keep running out since I broke my Serger (grrr….) and I need to make more.

We think Lyric is teething.  She chews on everything and drools up a storm.  I bought her an Amber teething necklace and it seems to be helping.

I’ve been knitting a lot lately.  My friends are having a baby soon and I knit them a couple hats and some booties.  I also knit myself a hat and am knitting a bit for Lyric.  I bought myself an Amber bracelet and it has been doing wonders for my tendinitis.

ummmm…. what else…… We’re moving to CT but more on that to come when the details are sussed (is that a word?) out.

Lyric smiles and laughs and talks so much (not sure what she’s saying but it’s obviously important!) and it makes my heart melt.  She has the greatest smile on the planet.  I love her so much it makes me cry sometimes.  I just can’t get over how awesome she is.  She rolls over from back to front and holds herself up with her arms.  She gets better with tummy time all the time.  She has been in her Jolly Jumper and loves it.  But she seems to love everything.  She is seriously the easiest baby ever!

I cut off ALL OF MY HAIR!!  And I fucking love it.  I love love love love love it!!!  I was so scared but I feel like a fucking goddess!!!

We got a new carrier.  It’s a BabyHawk Oh Snap and I love it.  I had wanted an Ergo but this one is even better because it has skulls on it!!!  I can carry her around for over an hour and not feel her at all.

uhhhh…… That’s all I can think of for now.  I’m going to leave you with a ridiculous amount of photos.

Cloth Diapers! or "did I mention my child is 20lb at 4.5 months?"

Our new BabyHawk

Jolly Jumper Time

Lyric had her first cold. She kicked her medicine's ass!

Lyric had her first cold. She kicked her medicine's ass!

Chillin' with Nana in my Halloween head. It's going to be an Ewok, I swear

New hair... yeah.... I'm hot

Booties for my friend

New Camera & Pix!

I received the most fabulous gift yesterday in the mail from my online BFF Christie — A CAMERA!!!!  My camera has been behaving like a jerk lately so when Christie got a new one from her fabulous husband she sent me her old one.  Woo hoo!!!  I am so ridiculously excited.

I’m too lazy to actually write anything today so I’ll just post some pix from my awesome new camera:

My belly 34 weeks, 5 days.

Judging by this photo and my ability to breathe (and increased need to pee!!!) I think she may have dropped already.

Birth art from my Birthing From Within class.  I created this to bring me inspiration and strength during my delivery.

Reusable diaper wipes.  I made them by Serging 2 pieces of flannel together.  The first ones I made are square but the later ones have rounded edges which are way prettier!

Baby Bibs!!  I love this pattern.

Baby Booties:

Hicks & Hiccups (34w, 2d)

Braxton-Hicks contractions started a few days ago.  At first I thought Lyric was doing some major stretching because it felt like there was all of a sudden baby everywhere but then when I touched my tummy I felt that it was much firmer than usual.  Some of the contractions have been painful but I either breathe through them (using my Birthing From Within techniques!) or I change positions and they usually go away or decrease in pain.  Mostly they just let me know that my body is getting ready to birth my baby which is pretty exciting!

Another new thing this week is Lyric hiccups!  Even though I had been anticipating them coming, I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first!  They feel like tiny little rhythmic vibrations.  I feel bad for her because I HATE hiccups but all the books I read say that they don’t bother the baby (not sure how they could possibly figure this out but I’m just going to go with it!).

Something I have certainly not been enjoying in the last couple of weeks (especially the last few days) is the increased pain in my pubic bone.  From what I read it is from my pelvis stretching and getting wider to accommodate Lyric’s head which I am quite happy about but the pain is unbearable!  It hurts so much to switch sides at night when I wake up and to even walk some times.  I am so glad I am not working any more otherwise I’m sure I would be limping & waddling!  I have been putting the heating pad down there (which is a little weird!) but I’d like to get a rice/bean bag to use instead because the idea of an electric heating pad in my nether regions is a little unsettling.

We went to The Temple of the Green Cauldron’s Ostara/Spring Equinox celebration the other night.  It was fabulous as usual.  Every time I go to a Temple event I am once again so grateful to have such amazing people in my life.  I feel so much love and respect when I am around the Temple folks and I gain so much from them each time (not to mention they’re all in love with Lyric already!).

I’ve moved on from knitting baby booties to knitting baby bibs.  I figure even a little fashionista only needs so many pair of booties so I figured I’d knit something a bit more functional that I’ll get more use out of.  I’ve been using a great pattern based on a traditional washcloth pattern which is quick and easy and functional. I’ve also been making reusable baby wipes and burp cloths on my Serger!  My MIL gave me her Serger a few months ago and I am in love.  So far I’ve only made wipes and cloths but I’ve moved on to rounded corners which I’m pretty excited about!   Since my camera/batteries are still being jerks I’ll leave you with a few pix of the booties I made a few weeks ago (although I’ve made even more since!)

Clothes!! (13 Weeks Pregnant)

My tummy has started to bulge a tiny bit (still nothing noticeable to others since I have a bit “extra” in that area anyways). I went to a couple thrift stores yesterday and bought my first 2 pair of maternity pants! Woo hoo! They are so comfortable I never want to wear anything else ever again. One pair was $5 (black velvety flared jeans-style) and the other was $12 (brown stretchy flared cords). Not bad considering I was looking at Thyme Maternity the other day and their pants were all at least $50 (their jeans were $70!!!). I still want to get a pair of jeans but there are a bunch more thrift stores in town that I can try and I’m sure to find something. For now, I’d like to get a Bella Band so I can wear my jeans a little bit longer (they’re baggy everywhere else except the waist so even if I grow elsewhere they should be fine).

I’m still on my baby knitting frenzy (although I’m trying to get some Christmas gifts done in between). I made another pair of legwarmers and a cute litle elf hat out of some rainbow yarn that I am absolutely in love with. The yarn is so fabulous I think I’ll make a toddler-sized hoodie out of it as well. I attempted to make the OpArt baby blanket yesterday but I just didn’t like it. I want something special but something that I don’t have to pay a lot of attention to as I’m knitting (I like to knit and watch TV) and that just wasn’t going to happen with the OpArt Blanket. I found another blanket that I’m in love with and I started it last night in the softest red and black yarn. It’s going to be fabulous!!! The pattern has skulls on it (which I think is pretty cute but James doesn’t like for a baby blanket) so I’m going to do stars instead which will be even more awesome.

Rainbow Elf Hat & Leggies:

Checkered Baby Blanket:
(my version will be black & red with white stars)

Feeling Better

My cold or flu or whatever seemed to go away with lots of rest. I’m still not perfect but I managed to get out of bed today, get dressed, and go visit some family! Way to go me!

I bought my first article of maternity clothing today. It’s not technically intended for maternity but it’ll work. It’s a super comfy, super stretchy thin black hoodie that will grow with me. I plan on wearing it every day for the next 6 months. My quest for non-hideous maternity jeans didn’t go as well. I figured as much though, as I was in Walmart. I’ll have to venture out to the rest of the mall when the time comes that I don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans and go to the dreaded Thyme Maternity.

I finished the Fledgling’s booties. I still have a bunch of the blueberry yarn left over so I’m knitting a hat to match.