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First Update in Forever

I haven’t updated in forever but I find raising my toddler to be more worthy of my time than blogging about her. Things have been pretty crazy the last few months so I’ll update in point form and just add some pix:

  •  Lyric started walking at 11 months old
  • We moved into our friend’s downstairs to share the house with her.  That ended BADLY and I haven’t seen her since (not feuding, just some hurt feelings and such)
  • I watched Charlie a couple times a week for a couple of months which made Lyric ridiculously happy since she thinks Charlie is the bees knees.  We did lots of crafts and went to Strong Start (pre-preschool) every day
  • Lyric turned 1 in May and we had a big Tinkerbell/Neverland Party for her. She had a blast (or at least the grown-ups did!)
  • I started working 1-2 days a week at London Drugs as a cashier.  It’s a pretty good job so far.  I have my first shift in cosmetics this Saturday which is pretty exciting since I think i’d like to become a cosmetician eventually.
  • We moved to CEDAR!  I never thought I would love living in the country so much but I do.  I have been reading all about urban farming and homesteading.  It is too late to start a garden this year but we are doing all of our research now.  We live in the downstairs of a house on 1/2 an acre (the owner is a cool young guy who lives upstairs with his girlfriend) with a big playhouse in the backyard which we are going to turn into a chicken coop!
  • We picked a ridiculous amount of blackberries from our yard and around the neighbourhood.  I made a couple batches of jam, a bunch of crisps and pies (the pies were all James though) and now we’re going to try our hand at making blackberry jam!
  • I also made a batch of apple butter from the apples in the backyard.  I think I probably should have added a bit more sugar but oh well!
  • I have been cooking up a storm.  I love trying new recipes and generally just Google whatever ingredients I have and find something!
  • Lyric broke her leg shortly after we moved to our new place.  She was on the swing with Hayden and James pushed them too hard and they fell off.  She had her cast on for 3 weeks and then spent another 3-4 weeks learning how to walk properly after that.  Now she is back to normal and is running around like a madwoman.  She loves the rough and tumble life in our yard and is constantly covered in dirty and berries.
  • Liam and Hayden started school this week (after a pretty rad summer).  Liam is in his final year of high school and Hayden is in his first.  I can’t believe how grown up my boys are!!!  Weren’t they little boys just yesterday?

Finally, the thing I didn’t want to write about but have to.  When we moved into our new place, Spike was determined to go outside.  We had talked about letting him outside if we ever moved to the country so now seemed as good a time as any.  He was an outdoor cat for about 6 weeks and I have never seen him happier.  He became best friends with the cat upstairs (a 9 month old farm cat named Purr) and they would play all hours together and hunt.  We came home from a day trip to Denman Island on August 13 to the news from our landlord that Spike had been hit by a car and killed while we were out.  I think part of me broke when James told me.  I screamed and screamed and couldn’t even hold Lyric (who was pretty freaked out).  I sobbed in our backyard for about an hour.  I had a couple of weeks that I felt quite catatonic from it.  I still can’t even think about him without crying.  It just seems so surreal that he is gone forever.  He was my baby before Lyric.  I got him as a kitten and he was one of the most important beings to ever come into my life.  He helped me through the months and months and months of trying and failing to get pregnant.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without him.


Moving Days

Things have been insane around the O’Callaghan house for the last few months as we’ve been trying to get ready to move today/tomorrow into our new house (and keep the baby out of the boxes at the same time!).  Half of our stuff is moved in now and the majority of the rest will be done by tonight.  Tomorrow we move in for real and then our housewarming is on Saturday.  Crazy, crazy, crazy.  I promise (yeah yeah yeah) to update soon but for now, here is a picture of my gorgeous girl with her gorgeous Mohawk.

Attempting an update

aaahhh!!!  Lyric is 6 months now and is fucking awesome.  I have been so bad about blogging lately.  I am going to try to get in on early on my New Years Resolution and blog every day with a tiny bit of info or at least every couple days.

I have lots to talk about so I’ll write down everything I think I need to blog about here and then maybe get around to it all in the next few weeks:

  • I have been cooking and canning and baking bread almost everyday
  • Lyric is eating solid foods now and still breastfeeding
  • I am back to knitting and have started on my Christmas/Yule gifts
  • James and I reached a turning point in our relationship where it was make it or break it and we decided to make it.  We are doing fucking fantastic and doing some fantastic fucking (sorry….)
  • Lyric development is insane — she got her third tooth today, she scootches across the floor, she’s almost up on her hands and knees
  • we did Santa pix and Holiday pix
  • my best friend’s wedding in Vancouver (and my week away) was awesome and insane
  • cloth diapering is still a go!  We’ve had some ups and downs but I think we’ve got it figured out for now
  • I’m thinking of (but not planning!) baby number 2
  • it snowed
  • ummmm……. ok… that’s good for now.  I’ll try and blog about one of those things tomorrow

Also, I still need to write out about Lyrics’ birth and Wiccaning which I will do one day but I have to stop stressing about it!

30 Days of Thanks

Inspired by my Married Me ladies, I did 30 Days of Thanks on Facebook.  Here are my posts:

So…. my interweb girls are doing a “30 Days of Thanks” status thingy so I thought I’d steal it. Yesterday I was glad to be home after a week away from my husband. Today I am thankful that I woke up in a tidy apartment!

3rd Day of Thanks: I am thankful for my wonderful baby even though she is driving me crazy tonight. I suppose if she was perfect I would get bored.

4th Day of Thanks: I am thankful that my wonderful husband takes the baby in the mornings he isn’t working and gives me a bit of extra sleep!

Day 5 of Thanks: I am thankful that I woke up to find that James O’Callaghan had scoured and cleaned the pot I thought I ruined!

Day 6 of Thanks: I am thankful for Vanilla Bean Latte cookies.

6th day of thanks, Pt II: I am thankful for my boys entertaining their sister while I did laundry ♥

Day 7: I am thankful for my MIL taking us to Costco and buying us groceries!!! And for ordering us a new car seat for our mammoth baby who has grown out of hers!

8th Day of Thanks: I am thankful for my Mum. She is a Goddess ♥

Day 9: I am thankful for James O’Callaghan and Lyric Sinead Maggie O’Callaghan for going out to do laundry so I could have a break. Now I’m going back to bed!

Day 10 of Thanks: I am thankful for my big bro Chris Case and his lovely wife Rae-Ann Case who are celebrating 5 years of marriage today. We may have nothing in common besides blood but I can’t imagine my life without my bro ♥

Day 11: thankful and remembering

I am thinking about my Grandpa Case today. He was a brave and honourable man and I miss him dearly. I wish he could have met my daughter ♥

(also, Lyric turned 6 months that day!)

Day 12: Feeling grouchy and sick and sore. But I am thankful that Lyric seems to be feeling her normal cheery self.

Day 13: I am thankful for fresh ginger in my peppermint tea. Hopefully I can burn away this cold!

(I missed Day 14’s thanks but I took Lyric to see Santa that day and have her picture taken!  It was fabulous!!!)

Day 15: I am thankful for Tofu. Damn that shit is tasty!

Day 16: I am thankful for Lyric’s new car seat. It almost killed me putting it in (cars from the 80’s are not designed for modern car seats!) but hopefully she will be happy and safe in it and not scream every time we drive somewhere!

Day 17: I am thankful for my husband, sons, mother, best friend, peers and friends, acquaintances and everyone else who has ever supported my right to breastfeed in public.

Day 18: I am thankful for good food

Day 19: I am thankful that gloves only cost 99 cents because my cat likes to eat them.

Day 19 pt 2: I am also thankful for the constant entertainment from James O’Callaghan, John Bogad, and Alan Kimber.

Day 19 pt 3: I am thankful for the snow only because it makes my children so incredibly happy. Well except for Lyric who dealt with it by laughing, screaming, and eventually passing out.

Day 20: I am thankful for warm houses on cold days. And pretzels!

Day 21: I am thankful for Hayden entertaining his sister so I can shower and get things accomplished.

Day 22: I am thankful for warm snuggles in bed with my girl.

Days 23 and 24: I am thankful that even though Lyric has a cold, she is still in a fabulous mood! I am also thankful that I get to stay inside with her today on a cold day and drink tea.

Day 25: Today I am thankful for all of my wonderful American friends who I have not actually met in person. I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and friends.

is also thankful for Jello Oreo pudding snacks!

Day 26: Today I am thankful for Facebook for helping me keep in touch with my out-of-town relatives. It’s awesome to be able to see what everyone is up to!

(I forgot to do my thanks on Day 27 but that was the day I scored Fluevog boots for $6.99 and an immersion blender for $2.99 at Salvation Army!)

Day 28: I am thankful for Sunday Dexter dates with my hubby ♥

Day 29: Today I am thankful for my crazy kitty, Spike. Not only does he eat 99 cent gloves, but he brings them to his food dish to eat like a good boy!

Day 29 update: So after my glorious praise of my darling furbaby this morning, he repays me by jumping on a shelf, knocking the shelf off the wall, and shattering one of my favorite ceramic pieces (an incense burner in the shape of the Goddess that I made when I was 15). No catnip in your stocking, buddy!

Day 30: Today I am thankful for Maverick and Iceman

As my final thanks of the month, I would like to thank my MM (formerly OBT) ladies for being there for me for the last few years. I am so grateful for the community we have built together, even though most of us have never met. I ♥ you, ladies!

Kitties and Babies

Boo.  I have some sort of fun news (on theCT front) but mostly I feel like crap because we have to have our angry old man cat, Bean, put to sleep on Thursday.  He is 16 years old (and yes, named after Frances Bean Cobain) and has had a wonderful life.  I got him as a kitten and have had him over half my life.   He had escaped death on numerous occasions, swam across a river to make it back home to the old house wehad moved from, and lived life as the cat version of the angry old man shaking his cane at you and yelling at you to get off his lawn.  He regularly goes on “walkabouts” and is gone for days on end (his second-last one was when I was in the hospital with Lyric so that was a huge added stress on top) but after his most recent walkabout a few weeks ago he hasn’t been the same.  He used to weigh about 15-20lb but now is about half that and I picked himup yesterday to find that one of his canines had fallen out while cleaning himself and was stuck in his tail fur.  He also keeps falling down when he tries to stand and can’t keep himself clean.  I feel horrible to have to make this choice for him, but I would hope that if I was in pain and by all appearances wanted it to end, that someone would help me out.  We’ve decided that on Thursday afternoon, after giving the boys tomorrow afternoon to come over and say goodbye, that my mum, James and I will go have him put to sleep.  We’ll take him to the mountain that overlooks our town where two of our other kitties are buried (Tonks and Bison) and lay him to rest there.  I’m going to miss him dearly and I hate to do this, but I know that he is suffering right now and I don’t want that for him after such a wonderful life.

On the plus side, we are starting to get our Connecticut trip sorted out.  We were originally supposed to move Dec 6 and James was going to be working on college football for ESPN but now it looks like we are going to be going to Ft Lauderdale in March for 6 weeks of baseball spring training and then move to CT after that.  James is crazy excited because baseball is his favorite sport and he wasn’t really looking forward to covering football.  I am excited because we get to be around our family for Lyric’s first Christmas and I don’t have to be in CT for the winter!  Sorry folks, I am just not a winter kind of gal!  Two other bonuses are that 2 of our really good friends are expecting a baby at the end of November so we’ll definitely be around for that, as well as James being the birth partner for our friend Meredith who is a surrogate for a family in TO.  I am so fucking proud of him for doing this (he attends all the midwife appointments, texts or calls her daily to make sure she is drinking enough water and taking her vitamins, and is taking the “Birthing from Within” class with her) and she is not due until the end of December.  He was going to have to fly back at the first sign of labour and this works out a whole lot better for him.  This also takes us closer to the end of the school year soif one or both or the boys come with us, it will be much easier.

On the Lyric front, things are fabulous.  I feel blessed because she is such an easy baby.  She just turned 5 months yesterday (how did that happen???) and every day is a blessing.  She gets funnier and funnier all the time.  She plays peek-a-boo now and giggles when I pretend to eat her thighs and give her raspberries on her belly.  She is so smart and constantly pays attention to what is going on around her (to the point of making people uncomfortable when she watches them!).  Having her has brought me even closer to my mum (we were already super close before) because it makes me realize just how much she loves me and for her she gets to see her baby all grown up and taking care of a baby on her own.  My dad on the other hand, is not something I care to think about right now, maybe I’ll write about it later when I’m not so pissed off.  Lyric is 21lb already and about 27″ long.  She’s wearing all 9-12 month clothes with a few 18 month things thrown in!

We have been cloth diapering full time now for a couple of months.  It has certainly been an ordeal as I have tried (and failed) with 3 detergents finally to settle on the one that costs $20pkg (Rockin Green Soft Rock)!!  She grew out of her prefolds and fitteds and we just received 10 new pocket diapers from Kawaii Baby in the mail today.  They are a great company to deal with (free shipping over $70) and their diapers are cheap and awesome!  She also looks ridiculously cute in her leopard print diapers so that’s a huge bonus.

Anyhoo, she is starting to stir and I want to get to her before she wakes up so here are some pix to keep you all happy. xo


mmmm..... peas!



My beautiful boy Bean



Lyric and Daddy getting ready for Halloween


More point form

Another quick update (Lyric will fuss any moment I’m sure!)

  • Lyric is now 3 1/2 months old.
  • She weighs about 17lbs (about the size of a 6 month old!)
  • she is growing out of everything!!!!
  • we are doing 90% cloth diapering.  It’s working out great.  We have some cute new leopard print pocket diapers for outings and I usually use the Flip with an insert or just over a fitted at home
  • she loves her Sophie giraffe
  • she is rolling over onto her tummy all the time now.  We can’t leave her alone for a second!  She is getting better and better on her tummy and is able to hold her head up and look around now.  She’s getting more and more strength in her arms so she’ll be pushing herself up soon.
  • Pagan Pride is this weekend.  It’s an all day outdoor gathering at Departure Bay with rituals and workshops and yummy food and shopping
  • I’ve been knitting again!  My wrists have been doing a lot better so I’m giving it another shot.
  • and Lyric is fussing so that’s all for now!

May Day

Well, my due date (May 1) has come and gone but still no Lyric.  Oh well, she’ll come when she’s ready so now I just wait for the greatest moment of my life….. yeah that’s not hard at all!

James and I had a lovely May Day though.  I got all dressed up in my Witchy finest and we headed down early to the Beltane celebration at Bowen Park.  We took some beautiful (and some not-so beautiful!) Earth Mama Goddess pix of me by the river and in the flowers.  I love the maternity photo shoot Sarah did but we also wanted something more “us” so it was great to take some nature pix.

The Beltane ritual was the first Temple of the Green Cauldron ritual of the year to be held outside, so besides the Samhain ritual, it generally has the biggest attendance.  I think there were probably about 30 people there!  Beltane is a fertility festival so there were plenty of naughty bits, including a little play of James chasing around one of the priestesses (possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen) and a big old phallus-shaped loaf of bread.  There was also a May Pole dance and Fire Jumping!

Two surprises of the evening were my good friend Jenn’s Dedication and Megan & Kam’s surprise Handfasting!  Both were wonderful and of course made this poor pregnant lady tear up (although I think there were lots of tears during the Handfasting).  The evening was finished with a big potluck and lots of merriment.  I think it was probably my favorite ritual of the year so far.