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Holy Shit! (CD 34, 13DPO)

After I wrote last night I read a friend’s blog who was waiting for results from her IUI. I was feeling inspired so I took a test.

There’s a line!

I couldn’t sleep for hours after that. It’s a faint line but it’s there. I can’t believe it. James is trying not to get too exited. I just woke up and took another test.

There’s another line!!

This one is still pretty faint but there is no doubt that it’s there. This seriously could be it. I could be pregnant! Going to try to sleep some more and go to a clinic for a blood test later. xo


2WW Continued (CD 33, 12 DPO)

The wait is killing me. It kills me every month. I was thinking today about how many 2WW’s I have endured. We started throwing caution to the wind a couple months before our wedding (June 21, 2008 if yr interested) so it’s been about 15 cycles. I wasn’t charting the whole time or actually “trying” the whole time but we were having unprotected sex whenever we felt like it. So 15 cycles of 2WW’s is ummm…… let me get out my calculator…. is 210 days of waiting for my period. And that’s assuming my 2ww is actually 14 days, in actuality it’s usually 16-18. And then there’s those months where my body decides to ovulate late so I end up feeling like I’m waiting even longer because my cycle turns into 35 days or so and I’m just waiting to ovulate already and stop having to have sex on demand. So come on already! Hasn’t my time come!

3 Posts in One Day? I must be a sucker for pain. (CD31 cont…)

One would think that on CD31 you could start getting excited about a late period or at least thinking about the possibility of a positive EPT. Well, nope! Not here! My period used to be every 28 days. For as long as I can remember. Then I decided to “start trying”. That month my cycle was 35 days. Hmmm….. it’s gone on from there anywhere between 29 and 44 days (I’m thinking the 44 day month was either stress of a miscarriage. Can’t be sure). But now thanks to FF and the glory of ovulation ‘piss strips’ I have a general idea of when I ovulated.
So silly me, I was having a rotten day yesterday so I decided to perk myself up with a BIGFUCKINGNEGATIVE EPT. Yeah me! Do I know how to have fun or what? So now we wait another couple of days where I wonder if every pain, twinge, or mood swing is PMS or Pregnancy.

Wait a Sec….

It just dawned on me that maybe my extra grumpy/sad mood today is PMS! Yeah me! Haven’t had any of the wonderful sore boobs I get every month though, maybe they’ll come tomorrow!

Still Waiting (CD31, 10DPO)

I took an EPT yesterday and got a big fat negative. I must have stared at it for about 5 minutes willing it to change colour. I knew that it was likely too early for a positive (only 9 DPO) but it still sucks. I had been having such a horrible day (still looking for Spike, almost getting a ticket from the cops because james and I both have expired licences, a stressful 1.5 hour job interview, and a sad/grumpy husband) and I had the mentality of “c’mon Fates, give us something good”. Ha! Silly, silly me. So then I just felt worse and have continued to all day today. Yippee!

Waiting (CD 26, 5DPO)

Generally around CD 26 I’d be getting antsy to start taking EPTs but of course my silly body had to wait until CD21 (!!!) to ovulate. Grrr! Fertility Friend is telling me to wait until CD38 (seriously!?) to test. I think I’ll probably make it to CD30 or 31. I’ve been feeling some twinges in my abdomen which I’m hoping is a tiny little baby making itself at home but I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this month. We were doing so well with the sex-timing until Spike went missing. If Fertility Friend is right and I didn’t ovulate until CD21 then we might have missed it but if I ignore those facts (silly temp shifts, OPKs and fertile CM) and hope that I ovulated earlier then maybe we have a chance.
Still no kitty. My heart is broken. If I conceive this month I’ll name the baby Spike. I miss him so much. xo

If We Don’t Get Pregnant this Month, I’m Blaming the Cat (CD 23, 2DPO)

He’s still missing. It’s been a week. We have searched and searched but still no luck. Our hearts hurt and even though we know we should be having sex we can’t bear to. Then I slammed my finger in the car door last night. Nothing like excruciating pain and 2 hours in the ER to get you in the mood. You happy now Spike? You get to stay the baby for one more month!
My fertile CM is gone and my temp started to rise this morning. I guess it’s the start of the 2WW.