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Today is Birthday Party Eve and Saturday is my thirtieth birthday!  Thirty seems so grown up but I really don’t feel grown up.  I suppose being married and having a baby and 2 step-sons makes me a grown up but I have yet to start feeling it.  My wonderful friends Dawn and George are hosting my birthday party at their house tomorrow and it should be a whole lot of fun!

In Lyric news, she is 12 weeks old now and is absolutely wonderful.  She just started rolling over the other day and is now impossible to keep still on any flat surface!  She also let out her first laugh the other day!  My mum bought her a Sophie Giraffe the other day and she figured out how to hold on to it today.  I’m so proud of her.  She is chewing and drooling a lot so I think she might be at the beginning of teething.  Luckily the drooling hasn’t left a rash on her face at all so it looks like she didn’t inherit my problem skin after all!  She has been holding her head up for a while now so she is so much easier to play with.  She sits on my lap or James’ lap or in the Bumbo and just smiles away and chews on whatever is within her reach.  She also had a tiny bit of chocolate icing the other day (not my choice — it was all James!!!) and seemed to love it.  Other than that though I don’t want her having any food until she’s at least 5 months old (but preferably 6).  She’s still breastfeeding like a champ and is growing quite well.  We haven’t weighed her in a few weeks but she was over 14 lbs then so she’s probably about 15.5lbs by now.  She wears 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes!  She’s HUGE!!!

It has been really hot here in the last while and there are forest fires in the Okanagan so we’ve had lots of smoke the last two days.  It’s so gross and muggy and smoky that we can’t have our windows open.  Lyric’s lungs are so tiny and she has asthma in her genes so I don’t want to risk her getting sick or having an asthma attack.  We’re going to take her to the pool tonight and will probably hang out there for a few hours since it’s got AC and she loves being in the water.

She’s starting to fuss so I need to go.  My blog posts are so few and far between lately because every time I try to start one she wakes up — she’s definitely a cat napper!

Chillin’ in the Bumbo

In the Exosaucer

Eating the Bunny

Eating Sophie


Married Me Throwdown April 2010

Our first Throwdown!  This month’s challenge was to repurpose something from our weddings.  We didn’t really have a lot of stuff left over from our weddings (mostly just candles which we’re still using) so I repurposed some extra invitations.  This isn’t so much a tutorial (since I’m sure no one wants to steal my fabulous crafty ideas) as just a step-by-step of what I did.

ummm…. ok….. wordpress is being a bitch and not letting me upload pix.  I guess I’ll post later.

Contractions & Prezzies

Considering I did nothing all day, it was a somewhat eventful day.  A package came from my online Twin Christie today for Lyric.  It was full of awesomeness — handknit goodies, baby books, a Dr Seuss onesie, a dragon stuffie, and best of all — ITTY BITTY RUBY RED SLIPPERS!  They are so absolutely perfect and match mine wonderfully.  I think perhaps Lyric and I will have to get Daddy to take us out for a fancy dinner sometime so we can wear our matching shoes.  And since everything is better with pictures, here you go:

Ruby Red Slippers to match Mama’s:

Pixie Hat & Booties and Celtic Cable Baby Cocoon:

A fabulous collection of books (the Wookie one is from Christie’s husband):

Dragon Stuffie modeling the Pixie Hat:

In some other exciting news, the contractions have started.  They’re somewhere in between Braxton-Hicks and actual labour contractions so I suppose they would be considered “pre-labour” contractions.  The lame thing is that they only last 5-15 seconds and they come every 10 minutes-2 hours so I still have quite a ways to go.  Regardless though, my body and my baby are definitely making progress and every pain brings me a little bit closer to her.

I’ll leave you all now with what the O’Callaghans do best — dressing Spike up in Lyric’s clothes.