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May Day

Well, my due date (May 1) has come and gone but still no Lyric.  Oh well, she’ll come when she’s ready so now I just wait for the greatest moment of my life….. yeah that’s not hard at all!

James and I had a lovely May Day though.  I got all dressed up in my Witchy finest and we headed down early to the Beltane celebration at Bowen Park.  We took some beautiful (and some not-so beautiful!) Earth Mama Goddess pix of me by the river and in the flowers.  I love the maternity photo shoot Sarah did but we also wanted something more “us” so it was great to take some nature pix.

The Beltane ritual was the first Temple of the Green Cauldron ritual of the year to be held outside, so besides the Samhain ritual, it generally has the biggest attendance.  I think there were probably about 30 people there!  Beltane is a fertility festival so there were plenty of naughty bits, including a little play of James chasing around one of the priestesses (possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen) and a big old phallus-shaped loaf of bread.  There was also a May Pole dance and Fire Jumping!

Two surprises of the evening were my good friend Jenn’s Dedication and Megan & Kam’s surprise Handfasting!  Both were wonderful and of course made this poor pregnant lady tear up (although I think there were lots of tears during the Handfasting).  The evening was finished with a big potluck and lots of merriment.  I think it was probably my favorite ritual of the year so far.


Hicks & Hiccups (34w, 2d)

Braxton-Hicks contractions started a few days ago.  At first I thought Lyric was doing some major stretching because it felt like there was all of a sudden baby everywhere but then when I touched my tummy I felt that it was much firmer than usual.  Some of the contractions have been painful but I either breathe through them (using my Birthing From Within techniques!) or I change positions and they usually go away or decrease in pain.  Mostly they just let me know that my body is getting ready to birth my baby which is pretty exciting!

Another new thing this week is Lyric hiccups!  Even though I had been anticipating them coming, I couldn’t figure out what was going on at first!  They feel like tiny little rhythmic vibrations.  I feel bad for her because I HATE hiccups but all the books I read say that they don’t bother the baby (not sure how they could possibly figure this out but I’m just going to go with it!).

Something I have certainly not been enjoying in the last couple of weeks (especially the last few days) is the increased pain in my pubic bone.  From what I read it is from my pelvis stretching and getting wider to accommodate Lyric’s head which I am quite happy about but the pain is unbearable!  It hurts so much to switch sides at night when I wake up and to even walk some times.  I am so glad I am not working any more otherwise I’m sure I would be limping & waddling!  I have been putting the heating pad down there (which is a little weird!) but I’d like to get a rice/bean bag to use instead because the idea of an electric heating pad in my nether regions is a little unsettling.

We went to The Temple of the Green Cauldron’s Ostara/Spring Equinox celebration the other night.  It was fabulous as usual.  Every time I go to a Temple event I am once again so grateful to have such amazing people in my life.  I feel so much love and respect when I am around the Temple folks and I gain so much from them each time (not to mention they’re all in love with Lyric already!).

I’ve moved on from knitting baby booties to knitting baby bibs.  I figure even a little fashionista only needs so many pair of booties so I figured I’d knit something a bit more functional that I’ll get more use out of.  I’ve been using a great pattern based on a traditional washcloth pattern which is quick and easy and functional. I’ve also been making reusable baby wipes and burp cloths on my Serger!  My MIL gave me her Serger a few months ago and I am in love.  So far I’ve only made wipes and cloths but I’ve moved on to rounded corners which I’m pretty excited about!   Since my camera/batteries are still being jerks I’ll leave you with a few pix of the booties I made a few weeks ago (although I’ve made even more since!)


A Blessingway is a ceremony held for a pregnant woman to honour and prepare her for her labour and new role as a mother.  The term is generally attributed to the Navajo but mother blessings can be found in various cultures and religions.  Since I am Wiccan my Blessingway took place in a sacred Circle and was performed by a Wiccan Priestess.

My Blessingway was held on Saturday March 6, 2010 at Kin Hut Park in Departure Bay in Nanaimo.  The Priestess was my wonderful friend Meredith (who James and I originally met when she performed our wedding!).  Since there were so many non-Pagan guests in attendance the Circle Casting was quite basic and the whole mood was quite relaxed.  James and I sat in the centre of the circle by the altar with our friends and family surrounding us.

Each person had been asked to bring a crystal for Lyric and explain the properties of the stone and what they hoped it would bring her.  Apparently Lyric’s stone is Tiger’s Eye since she received five of them!!  She also received numerous pieces of rose quartz which made me quite happy since it is the stone I feel the most affinity towards.  Having everyone tell us what they hoped for our daughter was like having the faeries in Sleeping Beauty granting gifts to her minus the unfortunate wicked faerie/spindle thing!  It was so wonderful to hear people talk about their hopes and wishes for my beautiful girl. Of course there were tears (mostly from my mum!) which made it all that more special.   I knit a bag for her that will hold her crystals and there is plenty of room in it to add to her collection as she gets older.

The guests were also asked to bring a bead to add to a bracelet that I will wear for the remainder of my pregnancy and through my labour.  Once I get the remaining beads from my friends I will put them all together in a more permanent fashion (right now they’re just on string).  Later on I can make a bracelet or necklace for Lyric.

Following the ceremony we ate yummy food that everyone had brought and talked some more about my beautiful little girl.  It was absolutely an amazing day and I can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

Witches and Babies and Other Fun Stuff (but still no Spike)

Yesterday was Nanaimo Pagan Pride day down at Kin Hut Park, hosted by The Temple of the Green Cauldron. I got there for the 7AM set up and didn’t get home until almost 10PM. Long, wonderful day.
I went to a drumming workshop but realized half way through that having slammed my finger in a car door a few days earlier, banging said thumb on a tight piece of leather was not a good idea. I missed the Druid workshop because I was busy getting a veggie burger. There was lots of fabulous music, some belly dancing, great shopping (I bought a beautiful besom! and some other trinkets), and an hour-long Druid ritual. I wasn’t really enjoying the Druid ritual (different energy from what I’m used to, not for me) but my mum showed up around that time so we hung out and looked at jewelery and crafts and chatted.
The thing I was most looking forward to was the Doula & Childbirth information session but it was canceled! I mentioned to my friend Roxie how disappointed I was and she said that the lady who was supposed to host it was there so I went and talked to her. I had thought that the only training I could do to become a Doula was at Douglas College in New West which was pretty expensive and totally not convenient to get to (3 hours travel each way including a ferry and the need to find accommodations in New West). Well……. fabulous news is that I can train through Childbirthing International!!! At home!!! For less money!!!!!! yeah!!!!! I am so excited. She also gave me some information on books to read and different websites and mummy/baby/blessingway goodies sellers. I decided when i was about 15 or 16 that I wanted to be a midwife but after a lot of considering, I realized I am more interested in the emotional and support aspect that the actual physical birth itself (although I’m of course interested in that too!). Then I learned about Doulas and it seemed as though a career/life/dream had been designed just for me. I am so excited I could explode.
Another great aspect of the day was making a new friend. Her name is Ivania and she’s a member of the Temple. We had met before but never had the chance to chat. She has a boy who is almost a year old so I took the opportunity to grill her about pregnancy, childbirth, and hippie parenting. She gave me her email and phone number and told me I could call her with any questions I ever have. Awesome.
Bad news is that Spike is still not home. I miss him so much. James and I are having a hard time with our daily tasks (eating, sleeping, working) and have both missed work this week. I have put up hundreds of posters and searched numerous neighbourhoods, shelters, and vets but still no Spike. It has been almost 2 weeks and my heart is breaking. I am not giving up though. He will come home. He has to. xo


I feel like I have been searching for ever for Spike. I put up another round of posters today (about 50) and walked all over my neighborhood. Every night I run downstairs at the slightest noise and I look out my window every five minutes or so. My heart hurts so much it is hard to breathe sometimes. My head hurts from crying. I don’t feel like he’s been hurt, I feel like someone has him. My mum had a dream that he was in the subdivision behind us so I plastered their telephone poles with posters. I suppose we shall see this evening when folks get home from work if anyone has seen him.
My job interview was postponed until Monday which is just as well since I woke up at 5 this morning and didn’t get to bed until 2 the night before so I’m not so great with people right now. Apparently my interview will last an hour and a half or so and they were crazy busy today so now I’ll be meeting her on Monday.
Tomorrow is Nanaimo Pagan Pride. It’s the first year that I will be attending. I have been “out of the broomcloset” forever but I never really had much of an interest in practicing with others until I met the ladies from The Temple of the Green Cauldron when they performed our handfasting. I foolishly volunteered to work the set-up shift so I have to be there at 7 AM and set tents/booths/whatever up until the event opens at 11. It should be a fun day. There will be an opening and closing ritual done by the Temple as well as a 90 minute ritual performed by a local Druid group. I’m really looking forward to some shopping as well and to the doula information session. I’ll have pix to post later. xo

Wicca 101

I started a Wicca class last Sunday. I have been practicing Wicca since I was 15 (I’m now 28) so it is definitely the correct path for me. I tried doing spells and stuff with a couple girls in high school but it never amounted to much. I figured I would just continue on my solitary path.
Fast forward to this last year when James and I decided to be Handfasted. We contacted the lovely ladies from the Temple of the Green Cauldron, the local Wicca group in the area. I absolutely loved the mother and daughter duo who performed our ceremony. I signed up for their online newsletter and they announced that they would be offering an Introduction to Wicca course.

The course is based on Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft which I have actually never read but have always wanted to (for some reason it isn’t usually in stores). I got my supplies list, took a trip to the crystal store and health food store, bought some candles at the dollar store and off I went.
The first class was mostly introduction — an introduction to our teachers, each other, and Wicca in general. I left the class feeling really excited about the remainder of the course.
I am still waiting for the ladies to drop off my book (more people signed up for the class than they expected so not enough books) so I have been tiding myself over by organizing my Book of Shadows. I have been working on my Book of Shadows for a few years and haven’t found a format that I liked. I think I’ve finally figured it out — I got a binder and some of those clear sleeves to add papers and pictures to. I typed up and printed out pretty versions of various spells, chants, and rituals and added a bunch of faerie pictures I’d been collecting throughout the years. I think it’s coming together fabulously.