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Lyric’s Noms

Ok…. so blogs two days in a row.  Go me!

As I mentioned yesterday I have been cooking/baking almost every day.  I used to cook all the time when I was younger but haven’t for a few years.  When I was pregnant, James cooked for me every night as I didn’t have the energy to at all!  For today’s blog, I’ll focus on Lyric’s food!

When it was time for Lyric to start eating solids I knew that I didn’t want to use prepackaged foods for her — too expensive and not healthy!  I decided to cook and freeze all of her foods.  So I bought carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples and peas and cooked them all one at a time and pureed them in the food processor.  Then I froze them in ice-cube trays and transferred them into large freezer bags.  Whenever it is time to feed her, I just grab a cube from the bags and warm it up for her!  She has also been eating organic brown rice cereal (Healthy Times brand).  I wasn’t planning on doing the rice cereal thing for her but she tried it at a friend’s house and loved it so she has it every morning with some banana or apple sauce.  In addition to the purees, Lyric has been eating whole foods as well.  She loves big chunks of green and red pepper, cucumber, banana, and carrots (although she hates cooked carrots just like me!)  I read some info on Baby-led Weaning and was interested so I just went with what felt natural and we’ve had a lot of success.  She gags herself quite a bit but it’s all part of learning.  Now that she has a top tooth as well as her two bottom ones, I’m going to have to watch her even more closely because she’ll be able to bite off more!!

Broccoli at Mrs Riches

Rice Cereal!!!

Rice Cereal!!!


Arrowroot Cookies -- one of Mama's favorites!

Nana's Bracelet -- not nutritious but definitely yummy!

Broccoli Soup and potatoes



I am hungry. All the time. Except when I am full.

This seems to be the course of my days. All I think about is food. I wake up hungry and nauseous (although not as bad as the last couple of weeks). I eat something. I am immediately full after eating half of whatever it is. I wait a bit. Then I’m hungry again. According to everything I read, this is totally normal. I’ve been trying to make sure there are protein & complex-carb foods around at all times (brown rice, chocolate milk, granola bars, toast & pb). My cravings so far have been for Subway (veggie with extra cheese and ranch dressing on their fabulous new flat breads) and Taco Bell (7 layer Burrito with 3 packs of mild sauce). Luckily Taco Bell is on the other end of town because if I was eating it as much as I wanted to I would be in trouble (I certainly don’t need anything else making me feel gassy and bloated, the baby has that covered). James thinks I should get a job at Subway until I go on mat leave so that I can eat all the Subway I want (I have to admit it’s tempting).

Anyhoo, that’s my day. Sleep, eat, eat, sleep, eat, eat, eat, sleep…