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Lyric’s Noms

Ok…. so blogs two days in a row.  Go me!

As I mentioned yesterday I have been cooking/baking almost every day.  I used to cook all the time when I was younger but haven’t for a few years.  When I was pregnant, James cooked for me every night as I didn’t have the energy to at all!  For today’s blog, I’ll focus on Lyric’s food!

When it was time for Lyric to start eating solids I knew that I didn’t want to use prepackaged foods for her — too expensive and not healthy!  I decided to cook and freeze all of her foods.  So I bought carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apples and peas and cooked them all one at a time and pureed them in the food processor.  Then I froze them in ice-cube trays and transferred them into large freezer bags.  Whenever it is time to feed her, I just grab a cube from the bags and warm it up for her!  She has also been eating organic brown rice cereal (Healthy Times brand).  I wasn’t planning on doing the rice cereal thing for her but she tried it at a friend’s house and loved it so she has it every morning with some banana or apple sauce.  In addition to the purees, Lyric has been eating whole foods as well.  She loves big chunks of green and red pepper, cucumber, banana, and carrots (although she hates cooked carrots just like me!)  I read some info on Baby-led Weaning and was interested so I just went with what felt natural and we’ve had a lot of success.  She gags herself quite a bit but it’s all part of learning.  Now that she has a top tooth as well as her two bottom ones, I’m going to have to watch her even more closely because she’ll be able to bite off more!!

Broccoli at Mrs Riches

Rice Cereal!!!

Rice Cereal!!!


Arrowroot Cookies -- one of Mama's favorites!

Nana's Bracelet -- not nutritious but definitely yummy!

Broccoli Soup and potatoes


Kitties and Babies

Boo.  I have some sort of fun news (on theCT front) but mostly I feel like crap because we have to have our angry old man cat, Bean, put to sleep on Thursday.  He is 16 years old (and yes, named after Frances Bean Cobain) and has had a wonderful life.  I got him as a kitten and have had him over half my life.   He had escaped death on numerous occasions, swam across a river to make it back home to the old house wehad moved from, and lived life as the cat version of the angry old man shaking his cane at you and yelling at you to get off his lawn.  He regularly goes on “walkabouts” and is gone for days on end (his second-last one was when I was in the hospital with Lyric so that was a huge added stress on top) but after his most recent walkabout a few weeks ago he hasn’t been the same.  He used to weigh about 15-20lb but now is about half that and I picked himup yesterday to find that one of his canines had fallen out while cleaning himself and was stuck in his tail fur.  He also keeps falling down when he tries to stand and can’t keep himself clean.  I feel horrible to have to make this choice for him, but I would hope that if I was in pain and by all appearances wanted it to end, that someone would help me out.  We’ve decided that on Thursday afternoon, after giving the boys tomorrow afternoon to come over and say goodbye, that my mum, James and I will go have him put to sleep.  We’ll take him to the mountain that overlooks our town where two of our other kitties are buried (Tonks and Bison) and lay him to rest there.  I’m going to miss him dearly and I hate to do this, but I know that he is suffering right now and I don’t want that for him after such a wonderful life.

On the plus side, we are starting to get our Connecticut trip sorted out.  We were originally supposed to move Dec 6 and James was going to be working on college football for ESPN but now it looks like we are going to be going to Ft Lauderdale in March for 6 weeks of baseball spring training and then move to CT after that.  James is crazy excited because baseball is his favorite sport and he wasn’t really looking forward to covering football.  I am excited because we get to be around our family for Lyric’s first Christmas and I don’t have to be in CT for the winter!  Sorry folks, I am just not a winter kind of gal!  Two other bonuses are that 2 of our really good friends are expecting a baby at the end of November so we’ll definitely be around for that, as well as James being the birth partner for our friend Meredith who is a surrogate for a family in TO.  I am so fucking proud of him for doing this (he attends all the midwife appointments, texts or calls her daily to make sure she is drinking enough water and taking her vitamins, and is taking the “Birthing from Within” class with her) and she is not due until the end of December.  He was going to have to fly back at the first sign of labour and this works out a whole lot better for him.  This also takes us closer to the end of the school year soif one or both or the boys come with us, it will be much easier.

On the Lyric front, things are fabulous.  I feel blessed because she is such an easy baby.  She just turned 5 months yesterday (how did that happen???) and every day is a blessing.  She gets funnier and funnier all the time.  She plays peek-a-boo now and giggles when I pretend to eat her thighs and give her raspberries on her belly.  She is so smart and constantly pays attention to what is going on around her (to the point of making people uncomfortable when she watches them!).  Having her has brought me even closer to my mum (we were already super close before) because it makes me realize just how much she loves me and for her she gets to see her baby all grown up and taking care of a baby on her own.  My dad on the other hand, is not something I care to think about right now, maybe I’ll write about it later when I’m not so pissed off.  Lyric is 21lb already and about 27″ long.  She’s wearing all 9-12 month clothes with a few 18 month things thrown in!

We have been cloth diapering full time now for a couple of months.  It has certainly been an ordeal as I have tried (and failed) with 3 detergents finally to settle on the one that costs $20pkg (Rockin Green Soft Rock)!!  She grew out of her prefolds and fitteds and we just received 10 new pocket diapers from Kawaii Baby in the mail today.  They are a great company to deal with (free shipping over $70) and their diapers are cheap and awesome!  She also looks ridiculously cute in her leopard print diapers so that’s a huge bonus.

Anyhoo, she is starting to stir and I want to get to her before she wakes up so here are some pix to keep you all happy. xo


mmmm..... peas!



My beautiful boy Bean



Lyric and Daddy getting ready for Halloween


Birth Quiz from MarriedMe

1. WAS YOUR FIRST PREGNANCY PLANNED? Absolutely! We tried for about 15 months.

2. WERE YOU MARRIED AT THE TIME? Yup, we had celebrated our first anniversary about 6 weeks before I got pregnant.

3. WHAT WERE THE REACTIONS? It was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I cried in the doctors office and the nurse wasn’t sure whether she should congratulate me or comfort me.

4. WAS ABORTION AN OPTION FOR YOU? Absolutely not! I wanted her so badly.

5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? We’re pretty sure I got pregnant on my 29th birthday.

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? I ovulated late (I was charting) so I waited 14 days after and took a test. It was faint so I took another one the next morning. It was faint as well so I went to the clinic to take a test as soon as they opened. Sitting in the waiting room was the most anxious I have ever felt in my life

7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? I told James there was a faint line but it just seemed to good to be true! He was at work when I went to the clinic so I texted my best friend who was 6 months pregnant at the time. It was so awesome to share that with her. Then I called my mum.

8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? Absolutely! I have 2 step-sons so I wanted to know if I was going to have another boy!

9. DUE DATE? May 1 2001

10. DID YOU HAVE MORNING SICKNESS? Yup. Not a lot of actual vomiting though. I was just ALWAYS on the verge of it. I kept trying to make myself puke to feel some relief but it wouldn’t work

11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Kit Kats and Skor Blizzards

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Mostly the “you’ll see” comments. And strangers trying to touch me.


14. DID YOU WISH YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE SEX OF WHAT YOU WERE GETTING? No way! I was terrified it would be a boy and I would be disappointed.

15. HOW MANY POUNDS DID YOU GAIN THROUGHOUT THE PREGNANCY? over 40! But I only have 7lbs left to go!

16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? heck yeah. I opened presents for 3 hours straight.

17. WAS IT A SURPRISE OR DID YOU KNOW? I knew. I helped my mum and MIL plan it

18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? no real complications. I hated being pregnant though, which I felt horrible about because I had wanted it so badly. I went on sick leave from work though because my swelling was so bad and I couldn’t be on my feet for 8 hours.

19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, BC, Canada



22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? James and the OR staff

23. WAS IT NATURAL OR C-SECTION? a Supernatural Ceasarean Birth

24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? Yup, I was induced with Cervadil and Pitocin so the contractions were intense the whole labour. I had and Epidural after about 10 hours or so and then a spinal block before my surgery.


28. WHEN WAS YOUR CHILD ACTUALLY BORN? May 11, 2010 6:41am

30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? Lyric Sinead Maggie O’Callaghan

31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? 5 months today!

In serious need of an update

Crap!  I feel like I never get an actual change to update.  There is so much going on on a daily basis that I feel bad because I’m not documenting it but I also feel good because I am actually living it and enjoying it.

Notes to self:

– I need to post about Lyric’s Wiccaning

– I need to post about Lyric’s Birth!!!!!


Lyric had her first actual food today and she loved it.  We were at my friend’s baby shower and it was one of those “guess what baby food this is” things and I let her have some organic peas afterward.  She actually cried when I took the food away so we just kept going until she was full

Cloth diapering is going fabulously.  We’ve had a few issues with stink while trying to figure out which soap to use but I was able to remedy it by stripping the covers and bleaching the microfiber inserts (not necessarily recommended but definitely worth it.  I also have stopped using disposable wipes most of the time but I keep running out since I broke my Serger (grrr….) and I need to make more.

We think Lyric is teething.  She chews on everything and drools up a storm.  I bought her an Amber teething necklace and it seems to be helping.

I’ve been knitting a lot lately.  My friends are having a baby soon and I knit them a couple hats and some booties.  I also knit myself a hat and am knitting a bit for Lyric.  I bought myself an Amber bracelet and it has been doing wonders for my tendinitis.

ummmm…. what else…… We’re moving to CT but more on that to come when the details are sussed (is that a word?) out.

Lyric smiles and laughs and talks so much (not sure what she’s saying but it’s obviously important!) and it makes my heart melt.  She has the greatest smile on the planet.  I love her so much it makes me cry sometimes.  I just can’t get over how awesome she is.  She rolls over from back to front and holds herself up with her arms.  She gets better with tummy time all the time.  She has been in her Jolly Jumper and loves it.  But she seems to love everything.  She is seriously the easiest baby ever!

I cut off ALL OF MY HAIR!!  And I fucking love it.  I love love love love love it!!!  I was so scared but I feel like a fucking goddess!!!

We got a new carrier.  It’s a BabyHawk Oh Snap and I love it.  I had wanted an Ergo but this one is even better because it has skulls on it!!!  I can carry her around for over an hour and not feel her at all.

uhhhh…… That’s all I can think of for now.  I’m going to leave you with a ridiculous amount of photos.

Cloth Diapers! or "did I mention my child is 20lb at 4.5 months?"

Our new BabyHawk

Jolly Jumper Time

Lyric had her first cold. She kicked her medicine's ass!

Lyric had her first cold. She kicked her medicine's ass!

Chillin' with Nana in my Halloween head. It's going to be an Ewok, I swear

New hair... yeah.... I'm hot

Booties for my friend

And some more…

A few more things I forgot (and some pix!)

– she rolled over at 5 weeks!  The first time she rolled onto her tummy she had her arm stuck under her and I thought it was a fluke.  Then a few hours later she rolled over and pulled her arm out from under her.  Then she did it again a bit later and started to cry because she got scared.  Poor girl!

– we just started her on cloth diapers.  I was give a bunch of fitted cloth diapers from a friend of mine but they won’t fit Lyric until she’s a few months older.  So my mum made me a bunch of prefolds with some diaper flannel we got on sale and I got a Thirsties Duo Wrap.  Hopefully the Thirsties cover is a success since they’re the cover I’ve heard the most positive reviews about.

– she got to meet her BFF Molly!  Heather and Molly came over for the weekend and it was fabulous.  Obviously Lyric is too young to have really noticed Molly but Molly was really cute with Lyric and held her hand.  We got some great pix of them too!

– Lyric has taken really well to “babywearing”.   She doesn’t like the sling that much but I think it’s because it’s too big for my body (it’s a hand-me-down from a friend who is bigger than me) and isn’t adjustable so she sits low on my body and I’m uncomfortable.  She loves the moby-type wrap I’ve been using though and it’s so easy to carry her — it distributes her weight so well I can barely feel her.  We’ve also had some success with the Snuggli but I think she’s still a bit tiny for it.

– my brother (Chris) and his wife (Rae-Ann) and daughter (Cassandra) came to visit.  It was fabulous!  Cassandra is only 4 1/2 but she was so great with Lyric.  Chris and I barely ever got to see our cousins since the closest ones lived in Calgary (where Chris and his family live as well) but Rae-Ann and I are determined that our kids will grow up knowing each other.  I’m hoping we can get together at least 2 times a year from now on.  Other great news, Chris and Rae-Ann are doing fabulously (they’ve had lots of ups and downs) and are going to start trying for another baby in the summer!

Three Weeks!

Lyric is now three weeks and one day!  I can’t believe it.  Sometimes it seems like she was just born but at other times I can’t remember life without her.  I haven’t blogged or been spending much time online because I have just been enjoying getting to know her.  She is such an amazing little person.  She’s already 10lbs and has really great neck/head control.  She also has the beginnings of a laugh and a smile and when I give her kisses she opens her mouth wide!  She’s already been to three parties and has done a fair amount of visiting.  This Saturday my brother and his family are coming out so she gets to meet her cousin!

Lyric is a really easy baby.  I am making enough milk and she is a breastfeeding pro!  There was only a little bit of pain the first couple of days but it wasn’t that bad.  She sleeps about 3-5 hours through at night.  Since she’s sleeping in our bed I just have to lean over and pop her on my boob and then I go back to sleep.  It’s wonderful!  Also, my mood has been fabulous.  I was totally expecting some sort of postpartum depression but so far so good.  I know it could still come but I really don’t think it will.

I’m healing ok but I still have a fair amount of pain in my incision area (mostly the muscle) and I need to remember that I had major surgery and shouldn’t be doing as much as I am.  My body is slowly making its way back to normal.  I’m not able to exercise until 6 weeks but I’ve started losing weight and fat and all of my swelling has gone down so I somewhat resemble a human being!  I’m not a huge fan of exercise anyways but I’d like to be able to take Lyric for long walks.  So far I can only walk a couple of blocks at a time before I start getting sore.

Blogs are always better with pictures so here’s a couple of my beautiful girl.

She’s Here!!!

(re-posted from MM blog May 15th)

Just a quick note to say she is here and I am beyond happy. She was born Tuesday morning, May 11, at 6:41am, weighing 9lb 6oz and 21″ long. I delivered her via C-section after a long night of labour. I ended up having pretty much every medical intervention along the way, but I am still so proud of myself and so happy with the outcome. It certainly wasn’t the birth I was “planned” (HA!) but my girl is here and that’s what’s important. I am so in love with her and more in love with James now than I could have ever imagined was possible.

I’ll post more later but for now I’m taking it easy on the internet and just enjoying getting to know my little bundle of awesomeness. I’ll leave you with a pic of her on day one.

Lyric Sinead Maggie O’Callaghan